Ep. 7 – Getting Schooled, Mvt. III

[Piano begins to play]

Kyle(singing): Welcome back to BomBARDed, episode 7!

[Music flourishes to a finish]

Kyle: Oh, hey everyone!

Goodrich: Hey, let’s get going!

[Theme song plays]

Kyle: Hey everyone, welcome back to BomBARDed! To sum up last episode real quick, our bards had encountered a bit of a problem with Raz’ul’s potpourri. Randy got into some mischief and they resolved that fairly well. But after that-

Goodrich: We made up.

Spurrier: Yeah, we good.

Kyle: They made their way to the library and on their way they encountered Garreth talking to his teacher. Randy was able to steal a note that Garreth was holding in his hand and they discovered something called the Academicon, they know nothing more than what they had in the note.

Goodrich: You probably know.

Kyle: No, I don’t.

[Players laugh]

Kyle: Oh wait, yes I do! It was up to Raz’ul who wanted to turn around and give the note back to Garreth ‘cause he didn’t feel it was right to steal. Unfortunately, this let to Garreth actually finding out that they had the note cause Garreth saw him throw it back and they hi-tailed it down the hallway back to the library and Garreth yelled after them like, “I’ll find out who you are.”

Goodrich: I’ll get you kids!

Kyle: And Raz’ul gave them the name of their trio, Chaos Sauce!

Goodrich: Heck yeah.

Kyle: So, he knows who you are. Or at least-

Ali: We ain’t scared.

Spurrier: Yeah.

Goodrich: I know.

Kyle: Cool, cool. So, you made your way to the library and met Mr. Read and he had the Wonder Balls waiting for you as little gifts from Symbol and he showed you to the Dream Forge which you all set up your own little pass phrase to be able to use that machine and you got your items out of it. After spending a little bit of time getting those made up you headed out from the library and decided you’d get in some mischief and find your way into the basement.

Goodrich: See if there’s something useful down there.

Kyle: Yeah! Just do a little bit of exploring around, so Randy took the disguise of Mr. Read himself while Raz’ul took the form of a horse. Yashee kind of hung back and Randy and Raz’ul had an easy time getting past the doorman after a little bit of speaking. And then Yashee decided to disguise herself as one of the construction workers that’s working in the area and then charmed her way in there. They spent a little bit of time and searched around for some magic items and ended up coming to one of the doors that Yashee’s spell pinged on and inside they were able to find a device that allowed Yashee’s mallets a little bit of low end. Unfortunately, this low end drew the attention of the doorman and so we are going to pick up there as you know that he’s approaching.

Goodrich: That bah-bah-bah-bass!

Kyle: So how are ya’ll going to respond to people coming your direction?

Goodrich: Um, I actually have a level 2 druid spell called pass without trace-

Kyle: Okay-

Goodrich: So we could use that, it says here that- so it’s a veil of shadow and silence, radiates from you masking you and your companions from detections. So-

Ali: Sweet.

Goodrich: And we don’t leave any tracks we can’t- we can be tracked if they’re using magical means but-

Kyle: Okay.

Goodrich: Hopefully they don’t.

Kyle: Gotcha, gotcha. So, what-

Goodrich: I cast it! Poof! [Someone laughs] Alright, we’re gone!

Kyle: You cast that and yeah- pretty much, it creates a shroud of magical darkness around ya’ll or-

Goodrich: Magical darkness!

[Players laugh]

Kyle: Is that what it says?

Goodrich: A veil of shadows and silence.

Kyle: Okay so-

Goodrich: I play a little song while we’re going by like- [hums happily]

Kyle: Yeah, I mean I'm gonna say it’s fairly easy for ya’ll to get passed since like a veil of shadows- I mean ya’ll are in like a basement. So, you know it’s lit but you know, not the best.

Ali: It’s lit!

Kyle: Ya’ll are able to make your way passed and through-

[Players burst out laughing]

Goodrich: It’s lit!

Kyle: Along the way you pass like, that guard-

Goodrich: We pass a rave!

[Laughter continues]

Goodrich: We pass like two different doors of secret teacher clubs on the way!

Kyle: Yeah, all the faculty are in this one storage area and just like dancing away- you know, sweating it up-

Goodrich: Wait for-

Kyle: Glowsticks a-plents-

Goodrich: For real though cause if they are-

Kyle: I don’t know-

Goodrich: Raz’ul’s up for- should I investigate?

Kyle: You hear something. Give me a perception.

Goodrich: Eleven plus three, fourteen.

Kyle: Yeah you’re- you’re almost out like you’re literally around the corner from exiting and you pass the person that Randy talked to on the way in, they were coming in ya’lls direction to see what happened- what that noise was. And you pass them- and as you’re about to leave you hear like a phat bass dropping- and it’s like you see this door doing this when you walked by but you spent a little time with the dousing mallets and what not, but this door is starting to like bump and you notice that the lock isn’t on it.

Goodrich: You know Raz’ul’s all about getting down. If this is a sweet teacher club I definitely want to get in there.

Spurrier: Well we’re still hidden right?

Goodrich: Yeah, we’re still hidden!

Ali: How long are we hidden for?

Goodrich: Oh! Good question...

Kyle: You’re only shadowed in veil’s for..

Ali: I don’t wanna Cinderella in the middle of the dance floor.

Goodrich: Yeah for real. Um, up to one hour.

Spurrier: Oh nice.

Kyle: Aw man.

Ali: That’s a perfect amount of time to get down.

Goodrich: I’ll open it up, Kyle!

Kyle: So yeah, you open it up and it’s this weird much larger extra dimensional space that’s been installed into this storage unit and it pretty much just opens up into a dance floor. You can see like some older bards and some other weird doorways but there are some really odd-looking tough guys standing near them. Like, one of them doesn’t look- you haven’t seen one of these on your plain of existence or.. You would assume it’s a demon.

All: Oh!

Kyle: Uh-

Goodrich: Hello!

Kyle: It’s a- basically there are people dancing- it's a huge mosh posh of different races and everything, everybody is just having a good time. There's a DJ up there spinning some music and what not and he’s got like these floating crystals around him-

Spurrier: Yeah!

Kyle: And is uh, just spinning these different crystals and they’re making different sounds and whatnot and it’s creating the music that’s going on. Uh, but no, everybody is having a good time and it’s just these other doors like, certain people shouldn’t be passed this point.

Goodrich: So, we’re on the dance floor and we can see these other doors-

Kyle: Yeah, you walked in and it’s like a large dance floor with a large like sitting area around, there’s a bar set up- and yeah there’s two doors. One on the far wall from where you walked in and one on the right wall.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Well uh, listen guys- Raz'ul came to dance so that’s what Raz’ul’s gonna do. So, if you guys wanna go check out some crazy doors I'm just gonna be, da-da-da-da-da-dancin'.

Kyle: Alright Raz’ul give me a performance check to see how well you dance.

Goodrich: [Whispers] Sh-yeah.. [rolls dice] So fifteen plus three, eighteen.

Kyle: Okay, so you’re able to cut a rug pretty well.

Goodrich: Wait, I'm still invisible so I'm like dancing by myself [laughs].

Kyle: Dude that’s all you need is to dance for yourself.

[Players laugh]

Ali: [Singing] Dancing with myself.

Kyle: You don’t need to dance for anyone else.

Goodrich: [Yelling] Don’t tell me not to dance, dad!

Kyle: You can dance for you and you alone.

Ali: So I’m gonna go ahead and change out of this construction gear, it’s making Yashee a little uncomfortable.

Goodrich: Aw, little hot?

Ali: She’s ready to take off that ‘stache.

Goodrich: Hang on one sec, cause I think we can’t be apart.. Okay so yeah it says here that, we need to stay within thirty feet of each other in order for the spell to work. So if you are gonna go you gotta convince me to stop dancing, which is gonna be hard.

Kyle: Nobody has notice in the process of ya’ll getting to the middle of the dance floor to dance.

Spurrier: Randy’s dancing! [rolls dice] Eighteen plus six, twenty-four.

Goodrich: Aw man!

Kyle: Okay-

Ali: So, Yashee’s not a big dancer. Uh, I mean- she unknowingly walks away from you guys like-

Goodrich: [Gasps]

Ali; I’m gonna go hang out on the side. I prefer dancin’..you know, away from people so..I kind of slink off to the side-

Kyle: Yeah.

Ali: Dance a little on my own, maybe start some hamboning-

[All laugh]

Ali: I don’t have any spoons with me but I can-

Goodrich: Can we uh-

Ali: It’s the only kind of dancing I know.

Goodrich: Can I use a persuasion check to persuade Yashee to come and dance with me and Randy?

Kyle: Uh no, I'm gonna avoid player versus player actions. Like- I feel like that takes away the uh, I feel like that takes away a player’s agency over their character.

Goodrich: Okay, instead can Randy and Raz’ul do that sweet lift from Dirty Dancing? In the middle of the dance floor?

Ali: [Starts laughing hysterically]

Kyle:...Yes, who’s lifting who?

Goodrich: I think I should lift you.

Spurrier: Right, probably! I could try but uh-

Kyle: Uh-

Goodrich: Oh, I guess I need to do a strength test.

Spurrier: Like an acrobatics then?

Kyle: Yes.

Spurrier: Okay.

Goodrich: [Rolls dice] Oh you know it’s good! You know it’s so good! I got a seventeen plus three.

Spurrier: You know I got a sixteen plus nine, twenty-five-

Kyle: [In disbelief] Oh my god!

Goodrich: This lift is happening! It’s happening!

Spurrier: I’m up! I’m up!

Kyle: It definitely happens and I’m gonna say- Yashee since you knew where they were when you left and made your way off- you turn around after getting settled in where you want to and you see them pulling this sick move. You're kind of bewildered at the fact that no one around them seems to notice them at all but you’re duly impressed!

Ali: Not 100% up here.

Kyle: That intelligence score, what’s that intelligence score again?

Ali: It’s an eight.

Kyle: That’s okay.

[Players laugh]

Kyle: Um, ya’ll dance for awhile, you get comfortable you do some hamboning-

Ali: It has to be within thirty feet, how far away am I? I mean-

Kyle: Yeah you’re in thirty feet-

Ali: Okay, so I’m still hidden I'm just like-

Kyle: Yeah, nobody’s really noticed ya’ll, uh…How long are ya’ll gonna dance for? How long are ya’ll gonna spend on the dance floor?

Goodrich: I mean-

Spurrier: We gotta have a little time to leave.

Goodrich: Yeah, maybe we’re gonna dance for, what do you say Spurrier? About thirty minutes?

Spurrier: Thirty, yeah, yeah..

Goodrich: I mean I feel bad for Yashee though like, is there nothing we can do to get you going? Like-

Ali: Well what’s going on with these uh, you said there were doors?

Goodrich: I guess we could dance our way over to the door if you’re like really wanting to get at that door.

Ali: I’m getting curious.

Goodrich: Okay, I'm gonna cast heroism on Yashee. Is that-

Kyle: Yeah that’s totally cool ‘cause that’s like a support spell it’s not like- you're good.

Goodrich: Okay, okay. Basically what it is, is a willing creature I touch is imbued with bravery. So you’re immune to being frightened you gain temporary hit points, yada yada. But yeah, I just want to make you brave Yashee you can uh-

Kyle: You better get it the right song.

Goodrich: [Strums guitar] I- yeah.

[Ali laughs]

Goodrich: Gotta play the right song- [singing loudly while playing] and they say that a hero can save us! [music stops] No, that’s not what I’m gonna play. [Laughs] Um, so I say-

Goodrich(singing): I wish Yashee could dance. Like the Randy, and Raz’ul can dance. Oh, you can be a hero Yashee, just for one dance-

Goodrich: And then I come over and look up at you and say-

Goodrich(singing): You could be a hero Yashee, just for one dance.

Ali(as Yashee):..Cool.

[Players laugh]

Goodrich: So Raz’ul and I are like-

Spurrier: I’m dancing on over.

Goodrich: We’re like two wild and crazy guys-

[Players enthusiastically agree]

Goodrich: We’re like- [with accent] Oh yeah! We’re gonna go to the door, Yashee you coming with- Oh I should have done that all In Raz’ul voice.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): [with accent] Yashee, we’re two wild and crazy creatures goin’ towards de door!

Ali: Something inside me just says- You know what? Screw it, I’m gonna be my best self. I walk out there and join you guys.

[Goodrich and Spurrier cheer]

Ali: [with accent] I want to be a-wild and crazy too!

[Players laugh]

Kyle: Alright so ya’ll are gonna dance up to one of these demons at the door?

Goodrich: Yeah, and hopefully they can’t see us.

Kyle: Alright so you dance up to the demon and you notice he’s just kind of surveying but then like looks at the three of ya’ll and puts his hand up- what languages to ya’ll speak?

Spurrier: I think common and halfling.

Ali: Common and orc.

Goodrich: Common, dwarvish, elvish and druidic.

Kyle: You hear him rife off this like- you can’t understand what he’s saying but basically you infer from the physical reaction that- it's just basically like, you’re not allowed passed this point.

Goodrich: Yikes.

Kyle: That’s what you infer from his reaction.

Ali: Alright well since he’s speaking some language we can’t understand, I'm going to attempt to comprehend his language.

Goodrich: Nice-

Kyle: Okay-

Goodrich: Do you have like a spell or something?

Ali: I do, I do.

Kyle: Oh nice.

Goodrich: [mumbles] Oh okay, then nevermind.

Ali: Alright. [Singing while drums play] Tell me something good, whue whue! Tell me, tell me, tell me! Comprehend your language, yeah! [Music stops] Yeah.

Kyle: Okay so you’re able to comprehend language, and as you stand there he says a second time, which this time you understand him say-

Kyle(as Demon): Your kind’s not allowed passed this point. Enjoy the dance floor, enjoy the music, or get back to school.

Ali(as Yashee): Oh! Our kind? What does that- meaning what?

Kyle(as Demon): You, not us.

Ali(as Yashee): You- you got something against-

Kyle(as Demon): We provide our music to this small sect of your plane. That's all we’re willing to do.

Ali(as Yashee): Oh-

Kyle(as Demon): This is for us to bring in stuff.

Ali(as Yashee): So this- who is allowed back there?

Kyle(as Demon): Extradimensional beings like myself and the DJ.

Ali(as Yashee): Oh, well alright. Sorry to bother you.

Kyle(as Demon): That’s okay, that’s what I’m here for. Just to let you know what you can’t do.

Ali: So I’m gonna turn to you guys and-

Goodrich: While Yashee’s talking to this guy I turn to Randy and I say-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Hey, did- did you have the time of your life?

Spurrier(as Randy):..It was fine.

[All laugh]

Goodrich: [Laughing] Just fine.

Ali(as Yashee): Hey guys, I talked to this guy over here-

Ali: I walked away from you.

Kyle: ‘Kay.

Goodrich: Kyle.

Ali(as Yashee): Anyway, he said only extradimensional beings are allowed through these doors. Which is pretty wild.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I’m feeling pretty extradimensional after all this dancing.

Spurrier(as Randy): Ooh!

Ali(as Yashee): Hmm..

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Not so much, okay.

Ali(as Yashee): I’m feelin’ ya but I'm still pretty curious about what’s behind those doors.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I really just came to dance guys, I'm gonna be honest. Like, it was good I needed to blow off some steam after this last day and I'm gonna tell you right now- that dance did it for me. So I'll tell you right now, I'm feeling relaxed like a new kind of Raz’ul going here. So listen, that door can wait as far I'm concerned. If you guys want to keep at it go ahead but man I'm gonna stick out here.

Ali(as Yashee): I don’t think we’re getting through no matter how hard-

Spurrier(as Randy): Demons are-

Goodrich: I look at my wrist as if there was something there and I say-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yeah my spells probably gonna, you know, wear off soon so we should probably scoot.

Ali(as Yashee): Let’s go!

Kyle: Okay, so ya’ll still have a little bit of time left for your spell where you can finagle your way out of the basement storage area and make your way back up. Okay so after ya’ll leave the area ya’ll are pretty tired after dancing and ya’ll decide to head back to your dorms just to get a little bit of rest and relaxation after, you know, building up so much sweat. So it’s a couple of days that ya’ll are left around the school kind of mill- you know sneaking around back down to the dance club a couple times-

Goodrich: Obviously.

Kyle: Of course, it’s gotta happen now you know it’s there.

Goodrich: That’s our Mirror of Erised.

Kyle: Ooh!

Spurrier: But with a lot more wubs.

Goodrich: And a lot more dubs.

Spurrier: So since we’ve been resting all of ours spells slots are-

Kyle: Yeah, you’re gonna be back at full health if you’ve lost any, you have all your spell slots back and everything like that-

Goodrich: Wait I have to ask, Ali, does Yashee go with us? Back to the dance floor when we go?

Ali: Maybe sometimes, maybe have to play the hero song sometimes.

Goodrich: Okay.

Goodrich: Sometimes you’re in your room and we’re like, “Yashee we’re going to the dance floor, you wanna go?” “Noo” but we’re like, “Yashee, you could be-”

[All laugh]

Spurrier: You could swim!

Ali: “Well okay, fine guys maybe this one time.”

Kyle: Let’s dance!

[Kyle and Goodrich vocalizing to “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie]

Goodrich: There’s so many dance songs, I mean, if you’re listening. I had to play the heroism song because my spell is literally called heroism. So, anyways.

Kyle: So, you spend a few days around campus. About the third morning that you’re there you feel a little tingling coming from your Ira Glass, it wakes you up and it’s Symbol and he’s saying-

Kyle(as Symbol): Hey, ya’ll get down to the café and get some food. They're serving up some blueberry pancakes this morning if you ask for them. Uh, so uh-

Ali(as Yashee): [mumbles] We won’t have to sing for them will we?

[Players laugh and agree]

Kyle(as Symbol): I’ve actually got a whole stack of them so we could just eat and you don’t have to perform-

Goodrich: Thank god.

Kyle(as Symbol): So come on down, we’ve got something to do.

Goodrich: Was that like a voice mail he left us?

[Players laugh]

Kyle: No, you hear the Ira Glass tingle and then you hear this message come out of it, it’s just like, “Hey get the hell down to the café, I got a whole stack of blueberry pancakes. We're gonna dome down and then we’ve got somewhere to be.”

Goodrich: Got it, alright I’m down.

Spurrier: Let’s do it!

Kyle: So you make your way down there and he’s chilling- he's got a whole plater of like pancakes and he’s got some plates scattered around. He's just like-

Kyle(as Symbol): So uh, have a seat and eat some pancakes and let’s talk about what’s going down. Ya'll get the wonder balls the other day?

Goodrich&Ali: Yes.

Spurrier: Yup.

Kyle(as Symbol): What’d you get?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): You left them for us, man.

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah I know but it’s a random thing. What'd you get?

Goodrich: Oh right.

Ali(as Yashee): I got the thunder tap shoes.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I got a capo.

Kyle(as Symbol): Okay, yeah that’s-

Spurrier(as Randy): And I've got the drift globe.

Kyle(as Symbol): Oh the drift globe, I’ve always like that one-

Goodrich: There’s an ointment for that!

[Players laugh]

Spurrier: It burns!

Kyle: Jeez.

Ali: That one’ll follow ya!

Spurrier: Drifted to my globe.

Kyle(as Symbol): Well um, so I managed something special for our second assignment- and because of my, I guess, negligence from what Head Mistress Greenspire says. I'm going to be accompanying ya’ll on this one.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Awwwwww..Fieldtrip.

Kyle(as Symbol): I- is there a problem Raz’ul?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): No it was an aww as in, “Aww, you get to go on a field trip with your students!”

Kyle(as Symbol): Oh, it sounded like an aw like..”I can’t believe you’re coming along.”

Goodrich: Should I roll a deception check?

Kyle:..I don’t know!

[All laugh]

Kyle: Are you saying, “aww-” what are you actually saying? Cause- yes roll a deception check. Do it again-

Goodrich: No, no I-[laughs]

Kyle: Do it. You already asked for it. Do it.

Goodrich: [Rolls dice] Aw, again! Uh, five.

Kyle: He thinks you’re being rude. He says-

Kyle(as Symbol): I- do you not-

Ali: I interject-

Ali(as Yashee): Raz’ul, we’ll get him a gift some other time.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Right, yeah alright.

Kyle(as Symbol): Ooh-

Ali(as Yashee): Next time we go out.

Kyle(as Symbol): I like treats.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yeah, we know.

Kyle(as Symbol): I like treats.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): We got your freakin’ wonder balls.

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, yeah- well that’s not a treat that’s- i mean that’s a gift. It's not- I like food treats.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Who’s a good Splash?

Ali(as Yashee): What’s the way to your heart?

Kyle(as Symbol): I mean, pudding-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Who’s a good Splash?

Ali(as Yashee): Puddings?

Kyle(as Symbol): Any kind of scrummy delights you can find. Anyway, let’s get to the point. So, a buddy I talk to who works for one of the newpapers in a nearby town uh, Luey Hewis, he was able to-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Give you the news, maybe?

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, actually that’s-

[Players laugh]

Kyle(as Symbol): His whole deal is working for the newspaper. So um, did ya’ll feel that tremor from the other day? Like you felt the ground kind of shake, it woke me up in the middle of the night. It felt something like, crashed and it was something that shook the earth.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I mean, I hear tales of there being a teacher club that drops a pretty hard bass but it’s only been hearsay up until now..

Kyle(as Symbol): Wait a second, ya’ll haven’t been there have you?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul):..No!

Ali(as Yashee): What?

Kyle(as Symbol): Ya’ll aren’t supposde to be down there. Ya’ll are gonna get me in more trouble, I swear to god.

[Players laugh]

Kyle(as Symbol): How did ya’ll even get down there?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Listen-

Kyle(as Symbol): I’m not gonna rat you out I just don’t want anymore trouble for myself. Don't wanna know how it happened, just don’t let it happen again. For my sake, please. Maybe- maybe I'll take you as a gift, not a treat?

[Players burst out laughing]

Kyle(as Symbole): Again, I just can’t afford to get into trouble!

Goodrich: I really don’t know how to respond! Like I really wanna believe Symbol’s being cool with us but at the same time-

Kyle: How do you think Raz’ul would respond?

Goodrich: Raz’ul would say-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Look we like to dance, alright?

Kyle(as Symbol): I understand.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I like to dance. Randy, you like to dance?

Spurrier(as Randy): Yeah.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yashee, occasionally.

Ali(as Yashee): I don’t really like to dance..

[Players laugh]

Kyle(as Symbol): It’s okay, you don’t have to. In fact you shouldn’t, it’s restricted.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): You can dance if you wanna. You can leave your friends behind. You know?

Ali(as Yashee): I-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): If your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance then- well you know what they say.

Ali(as Yashee): I-I hope we’re still friends.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I’m just playing with you, Yashee.

Ali(as Yashee): It’s just a thing.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): You’re alright.

Ali(as Yashee): Maybe I just wanna dance with somebody. I wanna feel the heat with somebody [laughs].

[All laugh]

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): That’s fair.

Kyle: So uh, he’s just like-

Kyle(as Symbol): Okay, ya’ll got into a lot of day, so bully for me to follow the rules from now on, i guess, so that these little incidents don’t happen. Um, I don’t know if ya’ll heard about this but um, there apparently was a meteorite that-

All: Oh!

Kyle(as Symbol): Struck south of here a few days ago.

Goodrich: We did see- err [clears throat]

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): We did see a meteorite, yeah.

Kyle(as Symbol): Okay, so ya’ll actually saw it. I guess that was on the way back to Strumlotts I assume but, I was able to convince the Headmistress to go down there- and since I was tagging along, to actually let us go down there and document the events that are going on. My friend, Luey Hewis was actually going to be covering the scoop so, I contacted him about maybe tagging along. He just said, “cover it for me I trust how well you journal things.” So yeah, we’ll be heading out here shortly. If there’s anything you need to purchase I recommend hitting up commissary before we head out-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Uh, Splash? Real quick though.

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, what’s up?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): So we heard, through the grapevine, that there’s this thing called the Academicon?

Kyle(as Symbol): Mhm.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Do you know anything?

Kyle: He looks at you real quick-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Is there a pamphlet? Maybe?

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah hold on, let me check here.

Kyle: And he opens up a bag like, on his side and reaches in about elbow deep-

Goodrich: Is it like Mary Poppins style where it’s like, clearly magical?

Kyle: Yeah!

Goodrich: Oh, cool!

Kyle: So, he reaches in about elbow deep and he pulls out this big, thick packet for the Academicon. He starts flipping through and what not, Academicon, it’s like-

Kyle(as Symbol): Oh yeah the Academicon, looks like it’s for end of second year students..uh, wind up getting your specialization there um..oh! It's there, that’s where it is okay, alright. Yeah it just looks like an event where eventually they’re going to place you into like different schools essentially. Uh, if you want to think about it you’ll basically be specializing in your own bardic path in a way. You know there’s some bards who specialize in like valor, there’s some bards who specialize in knowledge, and you know there’s different routes that you can go. And this is a test that’s designed for upper classmen most often. Let's see, what does it say?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yeah, apparently we need to pass it to stay in the school?

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, yeah, yeah pass it to stay in the school. Also the bar for learning- well I mean, I guess you’ll be okay on that cause it’s apparently where ensemble spells come to play in the school.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): So we’ll nail it.

Spurrier(as Randy): We’re good to go!

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, you should be good to go.

Kyle: And he’s looking over it, and he’s kind of laughing and sneering to himself and is just like rolling his eyes, like-

Kyle(as Symbol): This is kind of ridiculous- yeah so that’s down the road a little bit, where did you hear about this?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Juu- uh, yeah! Just, you know students talking in the hallways.

Kyle(as Symbol): Okay.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul):Locker talk, kind of stuff.

Ali(as Yashee): It sounded like they were preparing for it or getting ready.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yeah.

Ali(as Yashee): Starting to think about it early. Is there anything we can do to kind of get ready for this? Or is it more out of our hands?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Get a good grade, you know.

Kyle(as Symbol): I mean, this is- keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing fine. And I mean, you’re ahead of the curve considering- [whispers] the thing we’re not supposed to talk around other students. So-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): [Yelling] Oh! You mean- no I’m just playing.

[All laugh]

Kyle(as Symbol): So yeah, it looks like we’ll probably get to that next year some time.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Oh so no biggie right now.

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, I mean there’s no- wait.. That doesn’t say second year, that says semest- oh.

[Someone gasps]

Kyle(as Symbol): Okay!

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): What!?

Kyle(as Symbol): Nothing! We’ll get to it later!

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Uh-

Kyle(as Symbol): You’ll be more than prepared for it I-

Goodrich: Can I roll an intimidation check? [Laughs] On Splash?

Kyle: If you want to roll and intimidation check on Splash go for it-

Goodrich: Come on Splash, I need to know. [Rolls dice]

Spurrier: Sounds like Randy isn’t the only one that can’t read.

[All laugh]

Goodrich: I rolled a ten plus three, thirteen.

Kyle: Okay, I just rolled something. Ali would you would you look at that? Just look over here and see that? See that natural twenty that I just rolled?

[Players laugh and speak over eachother excitedly]

Kyle: Just to make sure.

Goodrich: So does that mean that I have to do it and then he like, whoops me?

Kyle: No you- yeah go ahead and-

Goodrich: Okay so, so [laughs] so Raz’ul slams his hands on the table [slam]. Stands up and points all anime style at Splash- you know how they do-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): You mean to tell me that it’s next semester!?

Kyle: He just kind of looks up at you and is like-

Kyle(as Symbol): Uh, yeah I mean that’s still a little ways away. I mean, you as a trio are ahead of the curve already-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Oh right.

Kyle(as Symbol): I’m not really concerned about this “Academicon.” [Goodrich laughs] What ever this school has come up with to try to “teach you to bard.”

Goodrich: Air quotes, air quotes.

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, that’s my job so-

Ali(as Yashee): He’s just concerned about his grades…it’s hard to get into this school so you gotta really watch yourself.

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, I-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I get a little anxious when it comes to-

[All speaking over eachother]

Kyle(as Symbol): When school has put a test in place to determine whether you can continue or not at this school, yeah I can understand how you’d get a little upset by that. Believe me I have more than enough faith in you three that this shouldn’t be an issue.

Goodrich: I sit down all sheepishly. Cause you did roll a crit twenty right?

Kyle: Yeah, he kept his cool.

Goodrich: Okay, I gotcha.

Ali(as Yashee): Yeah dude, eat your waffles and calm down. Getting hangry over there.

[Kyle laughs]

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): You’re right, you’re right I just need to eat and I’ll feel better [laughs].

Kyle(as Symbol): It’s alright-

Goodrich: Hungry? Have some waffles!

Kyle(as Symbol): We’ve had a couple- a couple of rough patches so far in the little bit of time we spent together and I want to try and smooth those out the best as I can.

Goodrich: You’re right.

Kyle(as Symbol): So if there’s nothing else and no other questions that you have my carriage will be ready in about thirty minutes; we’ll be taking that. It’ll be about two, two and a half days travel to Basom.

Spurrier(as Randy): Awesome.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Cool.

Ali(as Yashee): Our first time.

Kyle: You have 30 minutes. If you guys need to go to commissary I recommend doing that now. If not you can just go ahead and meet up with Symbol after munching down a little bit longer. What do ya’ll wanna do?

Goodrich: We can go to commissary if you want.

Spurrier: Yeah.

Kyle: Alright so you head back in the direction of the library remembering the commissary is in that area and the same girl that was sitting there the other day is still sitting behind the counter; flipping through a book, looking at it. You walk up and you kind of just stand there for a moment before she looks up at you from like underneath her bangs and she’s just like-

Kyle(as Emma): [Sighs] What can I help you with?

Ali(as Yashee): Uh..

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I don’t want to inconvenience you that’s for sure.

[Ali giggles]

Kyle(as Emma): Fine, then look in this book and tell me what you’d like.

Kyle: So she turns it around and flips the book towards you and you see like this booklet open up but the pages- you don’t need to move them, you can just scroll through them. Like you can wave your hand over it to scroll up and down.

Goodrich: That’s cool.

Ali(as Yashee): I mean I was gonna look for something for my mallets to enhance them but, ever since I found this..I don’t know what it is- this sheath handle thing-

Kyle(as Emma): Oh, the bassinator five-thousand? Yeah that’s pretty cheap-

Ali(as Yashee): It has a name!?

Kyle(as Emma): Yeah, you can buy another one if you want.

Ali(as Yashee): What do you mean buy it? I didn’t buy this.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yashee! Shh!

Ali(as Yashee): I mean, it was given to me!

Goodrich: I like elbow you in the leg like, “Yashee, shut up.”

Ali(as Yashee): It was given to me I-

Kyle: Roll deception.

Goodrich: Now you’ve done it.

Kyle: It’s like the main roll we do is deception.

Goodrich: Yeah, for real.

Ali: [Rolls dice] I got a nineteen plus one.

Kyle: Alright she’s like-

Kyle(as Emma): I don’t really care where you got it, you have it and you can’t steal things from me so like are you gonna buy something?

Ali(as Yashee): Where can I get another one? You said that you-

Kyle(as Emma): You buy it right here, look at the book.

Ali: [Whispers] What the heck.

Goodrich: So we went all the way down there to find something that we could just buy at the commissary? [Laughs]

Ali: I flip through the book to find it and I’m like-

Ali(as Yashee): This one looks awesome!

Kyle(as Emma): Yeah, that’s the bassinator six-thousand.

Ali(as Yashee): Oh man, how much is it? Oh, I see.

Kyle(as Emma): Fifty gold.

Ali(as Yashee): Okay yeah, maybe it’ll make it like so I can play even more. Or at least if this one stops working on me I'll have a back up.

Kyle: So Randy, as Yashee and Emma are talking about the bassinator six-thousand- Ali and Goodrich go ahead and leave the room-

Ali: Again?

Kyle: Yes.

Goodrich: Bye!

Spurrier: Goodbye!

Kyle: Stay nearby. [Door opens]

Goodrich: [Away from mic] I gotta go to the bathroom so-

Kyle: Well go do that, this is the perfect time.

Goodrich: [Away from mic] I’m gonna, jeez.

Kyle: Alright.

Goodrich: [Away from mic] Byee!

Spurrier: Byee.

[Door closes]

Kyle: Okay so Randy as you’re standing there listening to Yashee and Emma talk about this, you start looking around and you hear in the back of your head-

Kyle(as Unknown): Man it’s kind of chilly in this hallway isn’t it, Randy? Maybe that potted plant right there, you could just start a little fire and warm up the place. What do you think?

Spurrier: Randy’s just taken aback and-

Spurrier(as Randy): I- I'm shopping! I- No? Seems like a little much, it’s just the school store.

Kyle(as Unknown): No, no it’s not gonna harm anything. Start a fire, get it a little warm. She looks cold doesn’t she?

Kyle: Um, and go ahead and roll me a wisdom saving throw.

Spurrier: Roll..

Kyle: Wisdom saving throw, yeah.

Spurrier: It’s a one but luckily I’m a halfling-

Kyle: Yes!

Spurrier: So we’ll try that again.

Kyle: Yeah [laughs]

Spurrier: [laughing] Oh man, that is a seventeen plus nothing.

Kyle: Okay, seventeen plus nothing. You’re able to shake this thought off in your head you’re like, “no this isn’t the time or place.” You know?

Spurrier: Yeah.

Kyle: I’m good.

Spurrier: Well we’ll say that it’s quelled but if you saw Randy’s eyes there’s still a fire burning behind them.

Kyle: Okay, cool.

Spurrier: So it’s starting to- yeah.

Kyle: Alright, we’ll bring the other two back in now.

Spurrier: [Away from mic] Come on back!

[Door closes]

Kyle: Okay so uh-

Ali: [sing-song] We’re baack!

Kyle: Yashee you’re mid conversation when this is happening so I'm not gonna give you a perception on this-

Goodrich: I was about to say, lemme guess perception roll time!

Kyle: Raz’ul you can give me a perception roll real quick.

Goodrich: [Rolls dice] Man, right down my leg. Five plus three, eight.

Kyle: No you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. [Goodrich laughs] And we continue-

Kyle(as Emma): Alright, are ya’ll gonna order anything else? Cause I really only wanna do one shipment if that’s what’s happening.

Spurrier: Do you have like a list or anything, Kyle?

Kyle: Yeah so she turns this book and ya’ll have a moment to look through it. Any specific items ya’ll are interested in?

Spurrier: Uh, Randy’s scrolling through-

Spurrier(as Randy): What about these cheaters dice?

Kyle(as Emma): Basically they let you cheat. You wear earrings, twist them to the a direction you need it to be, odd or even. Left for odd, right for even. Cheater.

Spurrier(as Randy): Oh, awesome.

Kyle(as Emma): That’s one hundred and fifty.

Spurrier(as Randy): Sold!

Kyle(as Emma): Cool.

Spurrier(as Randy): Nice, thanks!

Ali(as Yashee): I’m definitely gonna get the bass handle.

Kyle(as Emma): The bassinator six thousand?

Ali(as Yashee): Yeah, I definitely wanna get the bassinator six thousand. I mean I was looking at this..diminution?

Kyle(as Emma): Potion of diminution? It makes you small if you want it.

Ali(as Yashee): It’d be fun to be like them sometimes.

Goodrich: Aw!

Ali(as Yashee): So I’m gonna get one of those please.

Kyle(as Emma): You do have small friends, that would be cool to fit in.

Ali(as Yashee): Yeah, you know.

Kyle(as Emma): Or maybe they’ll buy two growth potions and they’ll fit in with you.

Ali(as Yashee): It would be easier if I just bought one I think.

Kyle(as Emma): But they’d be making me money if they bought two.

Ali(as Yashee): Uh well..do you guys want to buy two?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Nah.

Spurrier(as Randy): I just bought some dice.

Ali(as Yashee): I think I’ll just take the one please.

Goodrich: Little travel sized Yashee.

Ali: Yeah!

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): What um- I don’t think we caught your name. What was it again?

Kyle(as Emma): Emma. Emma Zahn.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Emma- Emma, um you’ve been most helpful.

Kyle(as Emma): Thanks I-

Ali(as Yashee): It’s so easy to-

Kyle(as Emma): Appreciate it.

Ali(as Yashee): Shop through you.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yeah.

Kyle(as Emma): You’re items will be shipped to you in like a day. It'll be brought to you by Reginald Brown.

Ali(as Yashee): Who?

Kyle(as Emma): Reginald Brown. He’s my delivery wizard. He'll bring you your items and he’ll drop them off with you. Can you go away now? Unless you needed anything else.

Spurrier(as Randy): Just wanted to say you look like you’re in your prime.

Kyle: [Sighs]

[Players laugh]

Kyle: She just kind of glowers at you and is just like-

Kyle(as Emma): Okay..is there anything else ya’ll wanted?

Ali(as Yashee): I’m good.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): No, I'm good.

Spurrier(as Randy): Thank you.

Kyle: She just flips the book back around and continues looking at it. Looking very apathetic about her job.

Goodrich: Cool.

Kyle: So ya’ll finish your interaction with- at the commissary with Emma Zahn and you make your way to the front of Strumlotts and to see Symbol getting this carriage set up with his driver. He's just talking to him, just conversing with him, looks like the diver is pointing at things like- “Yeah, yeah we’ll be good I got this worked out.” Symbol turns and he looks at ya’ll like-

Kyle(as Symbol): Oh good, I imagine ya’ll got everything squared away so are ya’ll ready to go?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yeah, let’s boogie.

Kyle(as Symbol): Let’s hop on there, my driver will take us there. It'll be about two and a half days to get there so uh, let’s hunker down and maybe catch some Z’s.

Kyle: So ya’ll hop in the carriage and start taking off. It’s a long- it's a pretty good trek-

Goodrich: How’s our interaction with Symbol? Like- are we cool?

Kyle: Yeah, he’s just chilling- you know, chilling looking out the window. I’ll tell you what, pick three questions you wanna ask him. Like, what do you wanna know about Symbol?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I mean, Symbol, from like the man himself. What's it been like being Symbol?

Kyle(as Symbol): Oh well I’ve been to many continents and played in front of many people. Appalonia is probably one of my favorite places to be. Fantastic tasting wine, some of the best incense and if you’re into smelly good stuff- whew you’re in heaven there.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Man, let me tell ya, I could talk to you all day long about incense- all sorts of ambrosia.

Kyle(as Symbol): Well yeah-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): But uh-

Kyle(as Symbol): Love that smell good.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Aw man, yeah can’t get enough. But, lemme ask you this too um, Symbol. So, we’ve been kind of having a bit of a time with this whole magic and is this a normal thing that all bards go to? I imagine like, this is conversation that you would have with like a parent on the side of the bed. Like we said earlier like, “I’m going through changes” like can you-

Kyle(as Symbol): The bards and the bees?

[Players laugh]

Goodrich: Yes!

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Could you tell me about the bards and the bees?

Kyle: He’s just like-

Kyle(as Symbol): Oh okay. So you’re experiencing some changes in your body. It's a very natural thing to happen. Now actually, all joking aside. As I've mentioned before it’s very unusual that you were able to access the magic as you did. What we need to do is, we need to focus on honing that magic. Also another thing that I need to mention with ya’ll is the use of seventh cords. I mean, ya’ll threw some in in that song in Alo- Headmistresses Greenspire’s office which I mean- you're using them but just to understand the concept of them, you're just playing any kind of chord, major or minor, and you add a major or minor chord third on top of it depending on what you’re using. It's a fun this to doodle around with.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): You mean like this? [play dominant 7th chord on guitar]

Kyle(as Symbol): Yup.

Spurrier: [Plays a few notes]

Kyle(as Symbol): Excellent.

Ali: [hits a note on the symbol]

Kyle(as Symbol): Great job, Yashee.

Ali(as Yashee): Thanks.

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, and you know you can change that back and forth-

Spurrier(as Randy): [Plays a few more notes] Oh!

Kyle(as Symbol): Yes, absolutely very good.

Goodrich: [Strums guitar]

Kyle(as Symbol): Very good, so feel free to implement those into your performances in relation to the magic that you can create either social or combative, it’ll have varying benefits. The main thing behind your ensemble is again, the words you speak how specific you are. From the images we saw you were really specific and very harsh to that ettercap. I mean, you were gonna die so-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Is it gonna be like that every time though?

Kyle(as Symbol): No, we will refine this, shape it, you know. Now that you know the stipulations like, what can happen you might choose your words a little bit wisely, phrase things differently.

Ali(as Yashee): I think we were just really scared.

Kyle(as Symbol): I understand.

Ali(as Yashee): I know I was.

[Other players agree]

Ali(as Yashee): I’m not a bug fan?

Goodrich & Spurrier: Yeah.

Kyle: So ya’ll continue on your conversation, and yeah relate a little bit more. Ya'll talk a little bit more about incense and he goes into further depth about the Appalonian incense.

Goodrich: I maybe share some of my like, sweet recipes for potpourri and different techniques you can use to really get some of the fragrances to really pop, you know?

Kyle: Yeah ya’ll dish a little back and forth on that. Ya'll definitely bond on that level.

Goodrich: Plus one bond!

Kyle: So yeah that’s pretty much the first day as ya’ll you know chattin’ it up, talk a little bit about yourselves as much as you’re willing to reveal. So if there’s anything substantial that you want to mention to him, I would

Goodrich: So above the table Kyle, we now have the ability to play major seven and dominant seven chords or major, minor seventh chords

Kyle: Yeah, since he explained that like uh, Symbol says-

Kyle(as Symbol): Let’s do this. You play me a song right now and we’re going to take your chords, and I’m going to choose a couple of them to add sevenths to. To show you a little bit of functionality.

Goodrich: Like we’re actually-

Kyle: He pulls out chord dice and he’s like-

[Players laugh]

Kyle(as Symbol): Let’s use these guys and see what we create. We'll have a little bit of aleatoric fun.

[Electronic music]

Goodrich: So just to- just to clarify to everyone, we’re rolling Symbol’s dice so this isn’t out of character, we’re actually doing this-

Kyle: Yeah but it is- it is for the same process so-

Goodrich: Right, exactly.

Kyle: It’s, ho..

Goodrich: So meta.

Ali(as Yashee): I love games, this is fun.

Goodrich: [Rolls dice] C!

Kyle(as Symbol): We’ll have a good time rolling dice-

Goodrich: C, D minor, if you roll a C-

Spurrier: I did-

Goodrich: No!

Spurrier: [Away from the mic] Oh no!

Goodrich: Nope, we’re doing it! It’s happening! This is what’s going down. This is what we decided when we were gonna roll these dice.

Spurrier: What is happening-

Goodrich: So unbeknownst to Symbol our- and not to mention we rolled the exact same chords as we did before- we still haven’t rolled a G chord! We still haven’t gotten that sweet five chord! That we all know and love! In- [sighs] anyways.

Spurrier: The odds on that is- wow.

Goodrich: Staggering.

Kyle(as Symbol): I guess let’s roll the drums.

Goodrich: Yup.

Ali: Okay yeah, just so everyone knows this is not in character.

Kyle: Yeah that is true, we do have to do that above the table. We still need to roll for it cause-

Ali: Yashee would just kind of hear what you guys are doing and fit what makes sense, but really we’ll just roll for it.

Goodrich: Okay, cool.

Spurrier: Yeah.

Ali: Use her bardic judgement, I guess. Okay so here’s the um, the bank coin toss. [Coin hits the table]

Kyle: [Mumbles] It’s gonna be the same exact thing.

Ali: Tails!

Goodrich: Tails!

Ali: Alright, alright.

Goodrich: So that’s different there, good.

Kyle: Okay.

Spurrier: So far, yeah.

Ali: And I’m gonna- we've got that pattern which is forty-two [someone laughs].

Goodrich: The answer.

Ali: And that’s gonna be rock forty-five.

Goodrich: Okay, like a forty-five alright! Cool!

Kyle: Yeah, colt 45!

Goodrich: I was thinking more like the record, but sure.

Kyle: Oh yeah! Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

Ali: And then the kit is gonna be fourteen, which is disco two!

Goodrich & Spurrier: Alright!

Kyle: Interesting.

Goodrich: Okay so let’s put it together!

[Music transitions]

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Um, we’re gonna be doing something a little different this time since we’re talking about seventh cords, I think I'm gonna bring our bards in to kind of explain a little bit further to go in to some details-

Goodrich: Boo!

Kyle: There they are!

All players: Hii!

Kyle: So how’s the writing going?

Goodrich: Oh, we’re done.

Kyle: Done?

[All laugh]

Kyle: Good, I would hope so. Okay so let’s delve into this a little bit so, yeah- you have your basic triads: major, minor, diminished, and augmented- Spurrier do you mind?

Spurrier: [Plays chords according to type named]

Goodrich: Major-

Kyle: Minor-

Goodrich: Diminished-

Kyle: Augmented-

Goodrich: Augmented-

Kyle: We’re not really gonna get into the augmented, that’s-

Goodrich: Yeah, you could still build seventh chords off it but-

Kyle: Yeah-

Goodrich: For us, we won’t.

Kyle: Exactly, [something] the most popular one is going to be your dominant [Spurrier plays piano while Goodrich strums guitar] Yeah, you get some of that bluesy sound.

Goodrich: Yeah lots of rock music and popular music with those dominants so-

Spurrier: And then classically you’ll hear the whole [Plays piano, V I cadence] sound. Nice strong pull to lead us back to the end of the song.

Goodrich: Resolution.

Kyle: So next thing is gonna be the major seventh which- [Spurrier plays major seventh chord] thank you, Spurrier. Yeah, some sandman action in there, right?

Goodrich: Yeah.

Spurrier: [Plays the beginning of “Mr. Sandman”] Those first four notes, yeah.

Goodrich: If you wanna get spooky like the Stranger Things intro-

Spurrier: Oh if you invert it- [Plays the intro to “Stranger Things”]

Kyle: In the third of the chord.

Goodrich: And then there’s like, X-files.

Spurrier: All those kinds of spooky things.

[All agree]

Kyle: So, next one is gonna be the minor seventh chord- [Spurrier plays minor seventh chord]

Goodrich: Nice and jazzy.

Kyle: Yeah, little jazzy, little mario-y.

Goodrich: Yeah-

Spurrier: [Plays the Mario power up music]

Goodrich: Little invincible-y.

Kyle: Mhm, star power man.

[Players agree]

Kyle: And uh- so breaking it down from minor you have a half diminished seventh cord. [Spurrier plays half diminish chord]

Goodrich: Nice and open.

Kyle: Usually comes before a dominant but we’re not gonna get into functionaity [Ali laughs] or anything like that.

Spurrier: And Clair de Lune the- [Plays piano intro to Clair de Lune] a little bit later in there you get to hear it sat on for awhile when you do this. [Plays half diminished chord] So that.

Goodrich: Yeah.

Spurrier: Kind of got a dreamy quality to it-

Goodrich: Dreamy.

Ali: Ooh, nice-

Goodrich: Open, jazzy

Kyle: So next you crunch down a little bit more and get fully diminished. [Spurrier plays fully diminished chord] Mm, yes.

Spurrier: Being tied to the train tracks.

Kyle: Right, Snidely Whiplash.

Spurrier: Exactly.

Kyle: And of course, we have the spy man himself, the minor/major [Spurrier plays major-minor seventh chord] Some James bond.

Goodrich: Yeah, and it’s also the last chord in the Sailor Moon theme song too.

Kyle: Oh yeah!

Goodrich: Just roll it out all nicely.

Kyle: So yeah you know- maybe you can hear these things, maybe spend a little bit of time getting used to them. Thank you bards for helping me out on that. I don’t think-

Goodrich: Well you should just thank Spurrier-

Kyle: Yeah-

Goodrich: Well you know-

Kyle: Well it’s good atmosphere but uh- since you’re all done with the song, what are we doing here!?

Goodrich: Let’s gooo!

Kyle: Let’s go!

[Music transitions]

Kyle(as Symbol): Oh that’s- that’s an interesting roll, nothing but Cs and D minors so I guess we’ll use all the sevenths that we have available to us since we only have two chords.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): We might need your help a little bit, Symbol.

Kyle(as Symbol): That’s okay, I am supposed to be your teacher so let’s-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Let’s do it.

[Drum beat starts, joined by piano and guitar shortly after]

Goodrich(singing): Oh, Yashee won’t you dance with me? I’m asking on my bended knee, oh Yashee hear my plea. Oh, Yashee won’t you dance with me? Oh ask Randy and he’ll agree, oh all we want to see is you dancin’.

Ali(singing): I’m Yashee, I’m dancing free, let the world see I'm loving me! I'm proud to be a dancin’ queen, my boys with me, I'm finally free!

Goodrich(singing, in sync): Oh, Yashee won’t you dance with me? I’m asking on my bended knee, oh Yashee hear my plea. Oh, Yashee won’t you dance with me? Oh ask Randy and he’ll agree, yeah all we want to see is you dancin’

Ali(singing, in sync): I’m Yashee, I’m dancing free, let the world see I'm loving me! I'm proud to be a dancin’ queen, my boys with me, I'm finally free!

Goodrich(singing): Oh Yashee, yeah!

Ali(singing): I’m free! Loving me!

Goodrich(singing): Yeah!

Ali(singing): I’m, dancing!

Goodrich(singing): Come on, come on Yashee.

Ali(singing): Let the world see. All my boys and me, let the world see- I'm loving me.

[Song fades out]

Kyle: Symbol sits back after ya’ll perform the song. Takes a sip of a drink in a nearby cup holder he has.

Kyle(as Symbol): [Contented sigh] That was fresh guys.

[Players laugh and say thank you]

Kyle(as Symbol): So good.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Look, you’re the one laying down that seventh chord knowledge so-

Kyle(as Symbol): Well you know, I didn’t expect the rolls that we had to actually benefit but ya’ll obviously understand the use of a seventh chord- how to vary up a chord itself and give it whole new life, whole new feeling. So man that was- ya'll are turning out alright. I know it started off rocky, I'm sorry I was late that first day-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yeah what- where were you, man?

Kyle(as Symbol): [Sighs] I’ll be honest with you uh, I was late picking up an order of personal treats that were being made by a baker..[someone laughs]

Ali(as Yashee): You said you liked treats, that makes sense.

Kyle(as Symbol): I didn’t tell Alola- sorry Headmistress Greenspire that. I need to get past that- I need to be better about that.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yeah that kinda- it hurt a little bit. You know? Our teacher wasn’t there for us.

Kyle(as Symbol): What kind of hurt?

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Like, you know, we were waiting for our teacher and we were the only people that didn’t have a teacher-

Kyle(as Symbol): Oh, yes no that’s.. That's gotta look pretty bad for- well it looked bad for me, and it's got-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): It stung a little.

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah, I can see that and again I don’t know how many times I can apologize, but I guess that’s why I try and make it up with little gifts here and there-

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Oooh.

Ali(as Yashee): His wonder balls.

Kyle(as Symbol): Yeah.

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): Yeah, you know when we did see your wonder balls, it did feel a little bit better.

Kyle(as Symbol): I’m- I’m glad you feel that way.

[Players chuckles]

Kyle: and he’s kind of smirking as you say that-

Kyle(as Symbol): Ya’ll know I named them that for a reason right? It’s not just ‘cause there’s amazing things inside. It's hilarious.

[Players laugh]

Goodrich(as Raz’ul): I think we’re gonna get along just fine, Splash.

Kyle(as Symbol): It’s Symbol.

[Music plays]

Ali(singing): All my boys and me! Let the world see, I’m loving me.

[Music fades]

Transcript by: Gabi Cardone @peachdoodles