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BomBARDed is a musically-driven Dungeons & Dragons podcast that follows the adventures of three bards, as played by Dallas/Fort Worth band, Lindby. Musical mayhem, mischief, and a randomly generated song in every episode!


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Music From the Show


Chaos Sauce Orinigal Tunes

These are collections of the songs that we roll chord & drum dice to create each episode! We have broken them up into volumes that contain songs from 10 episodes each, so have fun exploring the musical stylings of Chaos Sauce! Also minor spoilers with these, but nothing major, as the effect of the music is described after we are done playing the tune ;)


Original Sound Tracks

These are selections of the background music that Spurrier has composed for each episode. Like with the Chaos Sauce albums, they are broken up into volumes that contain collections from 10 episodes each, and we will be releasing full, unabridged collections later on down the road. Hope you enjoy the tracks!                                                         


The Band Behind the Bards

Check out LINDBY, the band making up the cast of charaters in bomBARDed, and listen to the music we're making in addition to the show!



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