Yea! BomBARDed is an actual-play, Dungeons & Dragons podcast that follows the exploits of three bards and their musical adventures while attending Strumlott's School for Bards. Our cast is made up of musicians (who play in the band LINDBY in real life), and we play our instruments at the table when casting our bard spells. Once per episode, we also roll chord dice together to create a random group song that goes along with what is happening in the story. It's loads of fun and brings our love of music, storytelling, and tabletop gaming together in one show full of bardic inspiration every other Tuesday!


Right right. If you're new to D&D, or just are curious as to what the heck a bard is, check out this excerpt from about the bard class:

In the worlds of D&D, words and music are not just vibrations of air, but vocalizations with power all their own. The bard is a master of song, speech, and the magic they contain.

So bards are basically magical weavers of story and song and, much like in real life, travel around playing their instruments and telling tales of the things they've seen and heard. In bomBARDed, our bards have just discovered their magical abilities and are working to hone them both at school and on the road. It's also a lot of fun for us because, as real-life bards ourselves, we get to play our instruments as our characters and create music together in the show! And speaking of real-life bards... 



Who We Are

Long story short, the four of us all met while studying music & singing in choir in college (Spurrier & Goodrich had been in band class together since middle school & Ali and Kyle had been in choir since high school). We all started playing in our band, Lindby, together and have been ever since - and now we're making bomBARDed and are having a blast making music and telling a story together!   


Kyle CLaset / Dungeon Maestro


Kyle won’t quit his day job because he enjoys repairing band instruments so people can play their best. Other than that, he spends time hanging out with Ali, playing the video games, jamming some tunes on bass or guitar with his friends and family, and, of course, playing D&D and other TTRPG’s when he can.

Kyle draws inspiration for BomBARDed through a myriad of musical, visual, and literary influences. He typically writes the show while listening through OST's of Final Fantasy 7 & 8, Chrono Trigger, Gravity Falls, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, to name a few.  Kyle enjoys DM'ing because "providing other people the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic game is rewarding beyond words. Also, I get to experiment and goof around when acting out all those NPCs!"


Nick Spurrier / Randy GreenTrees


When not barding it up, Spurrier is likely playing/teaching piano; hanging out with his cats, Niles and George; photographing a wedding with his wife, Mel; or gaming it up proper while listening to a plethora of podcasts.

Randy Greentrees is a halfling from the Hemp Hills who was taken from his normal halfling life as a child and went down the road to become a rogue. He’s plays a magical, portable organ and has a weird little friend living inside him. Also, let the record show that Randy can’t read. RANDY'S CHARACTER SHEET


Ali Grant / Yashe'rak "Yashee" Bordun


Ali spends most of her time teaching little children the joy and wonder of music, but is also known for playing with her two sweet kitties, Pepper and Amadeus; baking up a storm; and laughing endlessly with her husband and dungeon maestro, Kyle.

Yashe’rak Bordun, or Yashee, is a half-orc who grew up on the road with her musical parents, performing and brawlin’ through the years. She is a born barbarian who got serious about music only recently, but you’d never guess that from the sweet beats she lays down with her hammer mallets. Yashee has an obsession with stealing spoons, but is otherwise a caring and lovable big girl. YASHEE'S CHARACTER SHEET


Nick Goodrich / Raz'ul Son of Daz'ul


You can find Goodrich designing and creating things of the audio, video, and graphic variety when he's not jamming on the guitar with the bards in bomBARDed. He's currently grooving to the Katamari, Persona 5, and Stardew Valley OST's all the day long.

Raz'ul son of Daz'ul is a dwarf from the Oodalolly Clan in Mt. Tain. He's a druid who loves playing his axe-turned-guitar, Usumptin; making potpourri; and chilling with his new bardic pals. Also transforming into animals is...well...complicated when it come to Raz'ul, but he'll give it a go anyhow! RAZ'UL'S CHARACTER SHEET


Have any questions or want to learn more about the show? Hit us up on our contact page.